Centre and Candidate Number

This is my centre number and my candidate number:

Centre Number = 69559

Candidate Number = 3010


Poster Remake Task (ancillary task II(advert))

Accidentally deleting a post by accident is annoying.

Here is the remake of the poster, I took the original and tried to mimic it in photoshop as much as I could.

My Remake is the one on the right whilst the original poster is the one on the left.

I mimicked the style and visuals quite closely however the colour caught me out as the original looks much more saturated than my final one.

They also did not have blue on the paint splatter but I couldn’t find an image of red and white splatters so I had to improvise.

The hardest thing for me was cutting off the arms end, as it was very apparent where it cut out. So to remedy this I created a file image of another red splatter over a white background and placed it over the stump.

The fonts were fairly easy to come by, I looked up what font the green day band used for their iconic ‘Green Day’ logo and it came up with a  font called ‘Champion Gothic’ whilst this font was available for commercial use and purchasable I decided instead to mimic the style by directly ripping the title font from another Green Day poster which had it out in the open and not blocked by a red splatter. I then placed this layer underneath the paint layers so as not to make it obvious.

I am very happy with the overall product as they look very similar however mine is of a higher pixel quality and resolution.


As seen from the album cover above, they used similar visuals on their album cover and in the promotion of the band which justifies me making a poster advertising a tour in place of a CD cover as they tend to do both.


Art of the title: Inspiration (Point 12)


This post is based off of the information shown in the post linked below, please read it first as it is crucial to the understanding of this post, I had intended them both as the same post originally but was advised to make them separate.


Point 12 is asking me to explain how this will inspire me!

This video will inspire me based off of the emotions present in the video, the band shots, and the costumes. The emotions are very important to the plot whilst the band shots and costumes are more to do with Mise-En-Scene and visual aspects of the video instead of the underlying story.

  • Our video is about a breakup based off of a cheating partner, so heavy emotional baggage is present during the video, as it will be in ours! Whilst in 21 guns the emotions felt are very equal with the two characters, both of them obviously feeling regret and sadness, our video will instead have only one character feeling sad as the other is cheating on them.
  • The band shots are another thing that shall be inspired by this video, the band is all playing in a small ‘garage-band’ aesthetic, this shall be taken into consideration for our video as a lot of pop-punk bands started off as garage-bands or as low budget teenagers rebelling and we want to give off that impression. We will be filming ours in the ATC-huts on campus to get this feeling.
  • Costumes involving modern, laid back clothing, not formal. The two protagonists are wearing black true, but I am not looking at the colour and instead the actual clothing they wear, the band and the characters in my video shall from this, take a very laid back and casual clothing feel, to further express the garage-band aesthetic. Thankfully we all have this sorts of clothing on person, so having to buy them or acquire them through external measures isn’t needed.


Here is a couple of pictures that were snapped of me whilst I was checking the film during the shoot, I thought I should place it on here in hopes that it proves we did what we said we did, the groups camera-man and cinematographer, signing off.


Following and challanging conventions (Evaluation I)

I will go over all 9 shots and explain how they use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

The first shot is very commonplace in most pop-punk videos in the way that it introduces the band, and the song, it is used not only by pop-punk but almost every genre and was popularised by MTV as it was their way of showing who was singing what.

Secondly we have the classical band shot, used to show of all aspects of the band from the gutairs to the singer to the drummer, pop-punk is based around the band shots a lot more than the narrative plot due to the energy that is excreted through the playing of the high-pace music.

The third shot shows off out protagonist, once again, conforming to the conventions of the music-video genre unlike the fourth shot which, shock horror, the protagonist is the one causing a disturbance to the equilibrium. A classical code and convention of the music video genre is having an equilibrium which is disturbed by someone which negatively affects the main character, however in this case, the protagonist is causing the disturbance.

The fifth picture is a closeup on an instrument played in the band, once again a very commonplace sight for music videos, we followed the convention as it allowed us to overlap the effect earlier and later in the video creating an amazing edit.

The sixth shot is when the singer starts to pick up the pace, he picks up the mike and starts to move around instead of staying still. Whilst in genres such as classical this might not be seen as good, genres which are fast paced such as pop-punk definitely see a lot of these.

Next in the seventh shot we see the singer interacting with the rest of the band, dancing to the beat and generally just having fun. An underlying tone of rebellion and fun is present in almost all pop-punk videos, this one being no exception.

The eighth picture is the ending of the narrative, it brings an end to the story and signals the coming end of the song, it is common however for a video to end on the narrative in place of the band shot, however my group and I decided to end on a band shot, which is

Number nine, the video ending and the singer visually putting the mike in its stand and walking away .


Other than the equilibrium being disturbed by the main protagonist, the rest of the video closely follows the cedes and conventions set by the pop-punk genre. Showing off what the song is, and who it is by. The introduction to the band. The introduction to the protagonist. The narrative beginning to take affect. Individual musicians highlighted. The fun and rebellious attitude of the band and a clear ending to both the narrative and the band shots.

Digital Tech (Evaluation IV)

There are two videos attached to this post, the first being an audio clip I made to explain what I did with digital tech, how I used it, what I used it for etc.

And this next video helped me answer the question, I made it so that I knew what I was to talk about for the above audio file, it is in the style of a RSA.

I decided to create an audio blog piece because I feel it offers a much more audial way of explain what I did and why which is good contrast to the very visual-centric attitude I’ve had so far in my blog, I based the audio clip off of the RSA below it and used it as an outline of creating the script, I also feel an audio blog allows me to more easily convey my emotions as in a visual format, intonation etc. cannot be expressed. I made the blog with a sound recording software that comes pre-installed on my laptop, an Acer Aspire V5 Nitro: Black Edition. For the RSA I recorded it with an I-pod and edited it on windows movie maker as I had yet to use it for the editing process, this however was not mentioned in the audio clip as it technically isn’t to do with my coursework and is simply an outline on how I should answer the question.